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21 November 2009

10 Tips For The Professional Photographer In You

10 Tips For The Professional Photographer In You

Where can you find the best photo business opportunity? Would you be surprised if I were to tell you that you don't have to look far -- that all you need to do is search inside yourself? There are lots of photo opportunities, some of them don't work and even the opportunities that do work, will only work for some people. Some people are happy taking wedding photos, or shooting sport. Others like to be out in the great outdoors capturing the magic light of dawn, or taking stock images for picture libraries. Some people are born to sell; others are terrified of trying to sell their work directly to say a gallery, or cold calling prospective clients. What's right for one person can be totally wrong for someone else. Here are a few pointers that are worth bearing in mind:
  1. Find something you're comfortable with and passionate about -- match the business to your own strengths.
  2. Look for multiple streams of income -- have more than one source of income.
  3. Carry on learning -- the day you stop learning is the day you start to die. Take advice from successful people; you'll find most of them are happy to help.

One thing you must remember: it's not finding the best photo opportunity that's the really important thing; it's making it work. The successful business person is the one who makes a choice, sets some goals and then gets on with it; working at it until they are successful. You can do the same! Some keys to making money are:
  1. Give your business a professional image. Put yourself on a level footing with the big boys, even if you're only a one-person company.
  2. Put the customer first. Take time and effort to look after your customers. You must be proud of your business and be happy to serve your clients.
  3. Be market driven. Find out what the market wants.
  4. Be ready for change and be prepared, for nothing is certain in business. Keep your eyes open and watch out for new trends and markets.
  5. Learn not to waste money. Negotiate everything and run a tight ship, even when things are going well. At the same time realise that money invested wisely to improve the business, is money well spent.
  6. Don't quit, believe in yourself and give everything your very best effort. Problems, new challenges, frustration, letdowns and mistakes are part of everyday business life. You must bounce back, learn from your mistakes and keep charging forward.
  7. Realise that marketing is the key. Good marketing makes or breaks you.
Good luck with your photography business. Get out there É and just do it!

The Photography Portfolio: Building Your Reputation

The Photography Portfolio:
Building Your Reputation


If you have hopes of becoming a professional photographer, or even just of trying to get your work published in a public forum, you will need to create a photography portfolio. So what's so important about a photography portfolio anyway? There are many reasons why having a portfolio of your work available for others to view. If you are seeking employment as a photographer, then the need for a portfolio is obvious. If you are not seeking a photography job, there are still good reasons to have a portfolio. For one, you love photography and you take a lot a pride in your work. They are important to you. Most likely, some of them are very good. Why not create a portfolio that showcases your best work so you can show it to others (even if it's just friends or family that comes over for a visit)?

Building a Photography Portfolio

Before we get into what goes into your portfolio, let's discuss the portfolio itself. What should it be made of? How big should it be? You may have seen portfolios with covers made of all types of materials such as plastic, leather and even stainless steel. These fancy covers are usually much more expensive and may not be practical for a beginner. If you are competing for high-price jobs and want to stand out from the crowd, these expensive covers may be a nice touch. But for most people, a regular black plastic cover will work just fine. It's what's inside the portfolio that is most important, right? So, you are probably best to stick with a plain black plastic cover and work hard on beefing up what's inside. Don't decorate your portfolio with cutesy stickers and such; this will look amateurish and unprofessional. It's not a scrapbook; it's supposed to represent your high-quality work. Now, as for size, this is going to depend on the size of your largest pictures. An 8 X 10 is probably going to be your largest. If your pictures are not this big, you don't need a portfolio this big. Your biggest will most likely be an 11 X 14 and it could be as small as a 4 X 7. The most important thing for you to remember is convenience Ð both for you and for the person who will be looking at your portfolio. You want to keep it professional and easy to hold, carry and look over.

Using a Photography Portfolio

So now that you know what a portfolio is and what type to get, how do you actually use it? Well, we mentioned you are going to fill it with your best work. This means you want a portfolio that can easily be changed. You may want to pull out old ones and add in new ones. You don't want to go for a job carrying along every picture you've ever taken. You're going to want to have 15-20 of your best work. You are also going to want to be sure your pictures are relevant to the job. If you are trying out for different types of assignments, you may want to create portfolios that work for each of the types of work you are doing. Of course, you only want to show your best work but you want to give the impression that you can handle any type of assignment given to you ad not that you are "stuck" in only one type of photography. You want to showcase your best work; this is best technically as well. You may have a photo that is really important to you because of the image it represents or the memory it brings but if it is not technically perfect, it doesn't belong in a business portfolio. Save that one for your coffee table.

Freelance Photography: How To Begin Your Career

Freelance Photography:
How To Begin Your Career

Photography is a vast world. There are many different types of photography and many different kinds of people that enjoy it. It's a hobby that be relatively inexpensive or one that you can invest a lot of money on. Photos are so special because they give us memories of times and places and events in our lives. We can hold onto these memories forever with a photograph. As much as people love photos, many people love taking them even more. Whether it's a mother who takes photos at every of her children's moments in life (first smile, first step, first spaghetti meal) or maybe it's the father who never forgets his camera for a football or basketball game, or maybe it's the young girl who loves nature hikes with her camera; these people are not exceptions. They all have an eye for those special moments and they all appreciate the camera's ability to capture that moment and freeze it in time forever.

What is Freelance Photography?

What if you love photography so much you wish you could do it for a living? I mean, you actually get paid for your photographs! But you work solely for yourself, selling each photo or series of photos individually. You don't have a boss. You work sometimes on assignment and you may sell to magazines. That is freelance photography. Freelance photography may be your entire career or it may start out as something you do in your spare time but begin making money from it. It's just like freelance writing in this sense that many people turn it into a career and enjoy the freedom of working essentially for themselves on their own time and making money doing something they love doing anyway.

How to Build a Portfolio

To start getting jobs as a freelance photographer, you need a portfolio. A portfolio will show samples of your work. Even if you have never had photographs published or publicly displayed, you can start a portfolio of your best work and then add onto it if you win photography contests or start receiving paid work.

How to Get Jobs

As we mentioned, building a portfolio is the first step in submitting your work for pay but when it comes right down to it, it's the quality of the photo that will determine if you get paid for it. Some people have more of a natural talent for taking great pictures than others but it is a skill that anyone can learn. There are schools dedicated to the art of photography and you can even get a degree in it. If you are just getting started, you can look into classes provided by your local community center or community college. Some cities have photography groups that meet to share photos and tips. There are also many groups online dedicated to photography and freelance photography. You need to view as many famous photographs as possible. Take a look at what is getting published and compare it to your own photos. This allows you to compare and learn from other's work. It takes more than just point and shoot to get a great photo. You need to learn about focus, lighting, colors and backgrounds and much more. Once you start learning about photography and creating a portfolio, you can start submitting your photos to contests and magazines. Get a list of photography markets and start submitting to ones that accept your type of photos. Don't expect to make it to the big times right away. Few people actually achieve this but you can start small and eventually make your way into a nice living from freelance photography.

Starting A Photography Business from Home

Starting A Photography Business from Home

You can search for hours and still not get the information you're seeking when you want to do something as important as starting a photography business. Keep in mind that some of the photography businesses that you can specialize in, may have varying requirements and you would do well to remember this once you have read this article and want to learn a little more on each of the photographic areas. With this in mind, I have supplied a free report which you can access from my site later. Almost anyone with the right camera equipment, and the necessary skills can set up a home business, marketing photography. You need only to convert a room of your house into an office, and then you can work immediately. Because you have modern technology in the form of SLR digital cameras, you do not even need the room for a dark room. You need only to have a personal computer and a photo-editing program. The standard is Adobe Photoshop. Don't clutter yourself with equipment you do not need. You can hire equipment on and when you need it basis. You have the freedom to work part time for a while until you can devote yourself full time to photography. All you need to be is a serious photographer. There are two types of photographers that makes their living from photography, the serious photographer and the very serious photographer. You can always bookmark this link and then you can quickly access just about all you'll ever need from here. Whilst the technical skills needed to make a successful photographer have never been easier, other aspects have changed the business. The market for photographs of virtually every type has widened, the world seems to have an insatiable appetite for photographs. However the price has fallen as the marketing net has broadened. Photographers are needed in many more fields. For instance many people use car web sites, they simply did not exist ten years ago, and they sell their products as a result of photography. Cameras used by scuba diver's are now an excellent quality, and whilst they are initially expensive, they have forged a new market. People celebrate special occasions more with photography, than they did years ago. The travel and advertising markets have a greater need for landscape, travel and nature shots. It is now easier than ever to turn your dream into reality and create a worthwhile business out of an engrossing hobby. However in today's modern world there is more to it than simply pointing a camera, and shooting a picture. You need to be aware of marketing techniques, and here marketing simply means transferring ownership of a product, in this case an image from a buyer to seller. You also need to be aware of any local gaps in the market in your local area. You should also try to be on top of your competitor's prices, to undercut an existing photographer is one choice, but to neglect to value your skills and not charge enough to cover your overheads is another matter entirely. Remember this, its an important point. Use your skills to the best advantage of the business and define what you want from it. Writing a business plan helps to keep you focused on the areas you specifically want to exploit. A business plan helps you to define your goals and strategies, it will be changed and updated, but it will help you, to keep things in perspective. You can then refer back to it when things become confusing or complicated. Everyone's business plan will be different, as every objective will be different, but there are certain common factors that make up a good business plan which will help your business grow. It allows you to develop a professional attitude to your business, which not only helps you to increase your earnings, but also help you to finance your business. For the photographer it should include, your business name, or your own, with full details of the proposed location of the business, a copy of your logo, as well as details of your copyright notices. What is the form of your proposed business (sole ownership, partnership, Limited Liability Company or Corporation). This should be followed by a table of contents, which focuses on a logical order. There are resources that will give you further details on such as Included after this should be the type of business you intend to pursue, in a fair amount of detail, and it should contain the services you intend to offer. This section should include any future gaols or avenues you would like to explore, stating your clear objectives. This is so you can check at a later date whether your objectives are on course, or if you have got sidetracked. If you envisage at any time you may need financial help, then you should include your personal business history. You should also state a clear and concise marketing plan that should demonstrate how your business will differentiate from the businesses of your competitors. You should be able to establish whom your customers will be, as well as where your market will be, as in wholesale or retail or a combination of both. You should also be able to determine how long this type of market will be available to yourself. The next section should clearly define your opposition, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This should include the ways you may be able to exploit any gaps in the market in the specific area where you live. A section should follow this on how you intend to market and promote your individual services. A financial segment should be included as to how you intend to manage the day-to-day bills of the business. How you intend to price your services, and what factors influence this pricing structure, which includes a section on your competitor's financial structures. This means a fair amount of detective work as well as homework. Get your friends to ask from quotes from the local competition. Or try an even more direct approach, tell your competitor's that you intend to start a new business, and that you do not want to undercut them, as this reduces the cake for everyone. They may well offer to help you construct a pricing structure that ensures everyone's livelihood. It is in their interests to help. Not everyone will be cooperative, but it may mean you can get a truer picture of the market factors that govern your area. Make a list of all the equipment you will need in your first year, as well as how and where you intend to purchase. Note any difficulties that may arise in obtaining your supplies. Note whether the prices of your supplies have a seasonal fluctuation, that may help you influence you when to buy. You should make a note of any local licenses that will be necessary, as well as any zoning restrictions, that may restrict the growth of your business. Your neighbours may not be thrilled at a procession of customer's to your door, check whether they can restrict your services. Make a study of all your business insurance requirements. The final segment should be devoted to how you intend to finance the growth of your business, as well as isolating what your financial needs will be. This should include a projection on your future earnings, as well as an accurate assessment of your outgoings'. This should be assessed on a monthly basis for the first year, and on an annual basis for the following three years. An important aspect of the financial statement is an assessment of the break-even point of your business, in other words the minimum you will have to take to pay your expenses. The purpose of this documentation is to allow you to enunciate what the core elements of your business will be, in doing this it should help you to be able to quickly evaluate the success of your business objectives. If you are not clear on your objectives then you cannot possibly make a plan to bring about the success of those objectives.

How To Make Money With Photography

How To Make Money With Photography

There are many ways to make money online with photography, but a popular and fairly new way is through Micro Stock Photography websites. Micro stock photography is simply stock photography that's sold at deep discounts. Clients are able to license stock photos for just $1 or $2, and photographers earn money each time a client chooses one of their photos. Micro stock photography is considered to be still in it's infancy, and some people feel it's wrong to sell photography at such low prices. Particularly since many professional photographers invest a lot of time and money on equipment, learning, and photo shoots. For the beginning photographer though, micro stock photography agencies can be ideal places to start. Since entry requirements are not overly restrictive, many hobby photographers with inexpensive cameras have already started making a nice second income from their pictures.

How Does It Work?

The process of making money from your photography through micro stock agencies is fairly simple.
  1. Research popular micro stock photography agencies online. There are quite a few of them, but you'll want to start with just one or two until you get the hang of things.
  2. Choose your absolute best pictures to submit. Some agencies require you to submit 10 pictures for review when you apply for an account with them, while others only require three the first time. Most don't have minimum requirements though, and you can start by submitting just one.
  3. Your pictures will be reviewed by humans, and accepted or rejected into the micro stock photography site. If they're accepted, they'll be available for clients to "buy".
Technically they're not fully buying your pictures though. They're simply licensing the pictures for specific use. Usually micro stock photography is used in websites, though sometimes it's used in advertisements, brochures and other marketing materials. The photographer always retains full copyrights to their photos though, and is normally able to sell the same photos over and over again to additional clients. And this is the beauty of stock photography. Once you've taken a great picture and had it accepted into a stock photography portfolio, that one picture can continue earning you money month after month... sometimes year after year. Most micro stock photography agencies pay $0.20 - $0.50 per picture license, or download. This may not seem like much, however a good photographer with several hundred pictures for sale could make a nice second income over time, because it all adds up! There's a lot more to the stock photography business, which we don't have room to cover in just one article. You'll find expanded details about making money with stock photography in this article though: "Can Photographers Make Money With Stock Photography?" found at

15 November 2009

Rahsia Misi Dajjal Di Timur Tengah

Majoriti masyarakat mengatakan tujuan Amerika menyerang Iraq, Afghanistan dan menguasai minyak negara-negara Islam lain adalah kerana mahukan minyak dan sumber kewangan.
Di sini ingin saya jelaskan TIDAK. Ia bukan faktor utama, tetapi saya bersetuju jika dikatakan tujuan ‘menyerang’ itu sebagai ’salah satu faktor’.

Benarkah Dajjal Perlukan Wang?

Dengan penguasaan penuh syarikat-syarikat gergasi Yahudi di seluruh dunia daripada pembuatan seluar dalam hinggalah kepada stesen angkasa lepas, adakah mungkin Dajjal masih memerlukan wang untuk meneruskan agenda ketuhanannya?
Harus diingat, matlamat akhir Dajjal adalah memastikan …
“Semua masyarakat dunia menyembahnya sebagai Tuhan”
Untuk meneruskan misi di atas ada 3 perkara yang menjadi faktor penghalang
1. Imam Mahdi
2. Nabi Isa a.s.
3. Agama Islam

Senario Sekarang VS Kemampuan Dajjal

Kita perlu memahami dua persoalan ini iaitu senario/situasi yang berlaku sekarang dengan kemampuan yang telah dikecapi Dajjal.
Adakah sesuatu yang logik, Dajjal yang telah dikurniakan Allah SWT pemikiran yang genius, umur yang panjang, mendapat pertolongan Iblis, Syaitan dan Jin serta tinggal di rumah Segitiga Bermuda yang kebal itu masih memerlukan wang masyarakat dunia?
Jika dibandingkan dengan situasi sekarang, media Islam dan antarabangsa melaporkan kerajaan-kerajaan Dajjal iaitu Amerika dan Britain melakuan serangan ke atas Afghanistan dan Iraq untuk mendapatkan minyak.
Benarkah begitu?
Saya paling tidak setuju dengan kenyataan ‘mencuri minyak’ oleh media massa. Itu bukanlah faktor utama. Pasti ada misi tersembunyi yang mendokong misi Dajjal melancarkan serangan ke atas Afghanistan dan Iraq.
Wang sudah tidak menjadi masalah dan bukan lagi suatu masalah kepada Dajjal, agen-agen Dajjal sudah pun menguasai minyak dunia sejak 400 tahun dahulu bermula dengan empayar keluarga Rothschild, Rockefeller dan Halliburton.

Misi Sebenar Dajjal

Teliti hadith-hadith ‘misi’ Imam Mahdi dan Nabi Isa a.s. yang disabdakan oleh Rasulullah SAW
Berdasarkan fakta-fakta hadith seperti di bawah, kita dapat ketahui suatu misi tersembunyi Dajjal yang telah pun dilaksanakannya sekarang.
“Al-Mahdi berasal dari keturunanku, berkening lebar, berhidung panjang dan mancung, ia akan memenuhi bumi ini dengan keadilan dan kemakmuran, sebagai mana ia (bumi ini) sebelum itu dipenuhi oleh kezaliman dan kesemena-menaan, dia berumur tujuh tahun.”
(Riwayat Abu Daud dan Hakim)
“Kemudian kamu akan memerangi kaum ROm dan kamu akan mengalahkan mereka dengan izin Allah .”
(Riwayat Bukhari)
Semua perkataan yang dimerahkan adalah bermaksud misi Imam Mahdi selepas dibaiahkan oleh umat Islam. Apakah Dajjal tidak tahu akan misi ini? sudah pasti ia tahu.
Dajjal yang genius itu sudah pasti dapat membaca matlamat perjuangan Imam Mahdi melalui hadith ini. Dajjal tidak perlu menumpukan kepada teori-teori tempat kelahiran Nabi ISa a.s. kerana Dajjal tahu Nabi Isa akan ‘diturunkan’ dari kerajaan langit bukannya dilahirkan semula dari perut-perut wanita Islam.

Misi sebenar Dajjal ialah ….

“Mencari dan membunuh Imam Mahdi melalui pencerobohan dan peperangan di negara-negara Islam”
Dajjal mengetahui dan diberi pengetahuan bahawa kemunculan Imam Mahdi berbeza dengan kemunculan Nabi Isa a.s.
Imam Mahdi seperti yang disebutkan Rasulullah akan lahir dari keturunannya sendiri iaitu sebelah puterinya Fatimah. Manakala perwatakan Imam Mahdi dari segi fizikal dan zahiriah adalah hampir serupa.
Menyedari bahawa Imam Mahdi adalah bersifat manusia biasa yang ‘akan dilahirkan’ oleh seseorang di atas muka bumi ini, maka Dajjal memikirkan penting untuk mencari ‘individu-indiivdu’ yang dijangka melahirkan Imam Mahdi.

Teori Tentang Strategi Dajjal

Disini saya ingin membentangkan teori-teori tentang strategi Dajjal untuk mencari ibu-ibu yang bakal melahirkan Imam Mahdi.
Secara logiknya adalah sukar bagi Dajjal. Tetapi secara praktikalnya Dajjal mempunyai pilihan terbaik, iaitu ….
  • Untuk mencari anak-anak kecil yang bakal menjadi Imam Mahdi, hadith-hadith Rasulullah dan pandangan-pandangan ulama’ harus diambil kira.
  • Pandangan ulama’ perlu bagi Dajjal kerana Imam Mahdi adalah superhero untuk umat Islam, dan kelibatnya amat ditunggu-tunggu sehinggakan ada yang mengaku Imam Mahdi.
Jika kita mengambil maklumat dari hadith, ulama’ dan faktor sejarah, maka keputusan tentang kemunculan Imam Mahdi akan diperoleh seperti berikut :

#Teori 1 : Imam Mahdi di Iraq dan Iran

Rasulullah mengatakan Imam Mahdi akan lahir dari keturunan Fatimah - maka Imam Mahdi adalah cucu-cicit dari keturunan Hassan dan Hussein kerana Fatimah berkahwin dengan Saidina Ali bin Abi Talib.
“Al-Mahdi berasal dari anak cucuku, dari keturunan Fatimah.”
(Hadis riwayat Abu Daud, Ibnu Majah dan Hakim)
Kaitannya dengan Iraq dan Iran, - Negara Iraq yang luas itu mempunyai jumlah majoriti penduduk Syiah 70% berbanding penduduk Sunni. Mengikut pandangan penganut Syiah, Imam Mahdi akan lahir dari keturunan Hussein.
Penganut mazhab Syiah amat berpegang teguh dengan kepercayaan ini, mereka dengan penuh yakin mengatakan Imam Mahdi akan muncul dari kalangan Syiah, tambahan pula Iran sekarang semakin menghampiri tampuk negara kuasa utama dunia.
Maka adalah logik untuk Dajjal menyerang dan memporak perandakan kedua-dua negara ini kerana Imam Mahdi mungkin akan lahir dari penduduk Iran dan Iraq. Untuk mencari dan menyelidik setiap seorang adalah sukar, dengan menghapuskan wanita-wanita Islam dan kanak-kanak sekali gus lebih mudah.
Senario sekarang dilihat tentera PBB terus ditempatkan di Iraq, ianya sebenarnya sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga memerhati kemunculan Imam Mahdi.
Afghanistan adalah negara kecil yang kaya dengan minyak tetapi teramat kuat dari segi keimanan penduduknya walaupun terdapat pelbagai suku.
Semenjak kemenangan Mujahiddin ke atas Soviet Union, ia mengundang pelbagai persoalan dan tanda tanya terhadap para perancang perang Amerika dan Eropah
Apakah keistimewaan Mujahidin?
Memandangkan keturunan Saidina Hassan dan Hussein berselerakan di merata dunia, maka ramalan bahawa Mujahidin dipimpin oleh bakal-bakal Imam Mahdi kelihatan logik bagi Dajjal.
Dajjal tidak mengenali Imam Mahdi, jadi menyerang secara gerila negara kecil ini sudah memadai untuk melenyapkan Imam Mahdi.
Sehingga sekarang tentera PBB ditempatkan di Afganistan. Menurut Setiausaha Agong PBB ketika itu, Koffi Annan, ianya sebagai langkah mengawal keamanan. Tetapi bagi saya ianya sebenarnya sebagai langkah ‘berjaga-jaga’ menanti kemunculan Imam Mahdi.

Pernahkah kita terfikir?

Pernahkah kita terfikir, apa lagi yang diperlukan Amerika di Iraq selain minyak. Apakah tidak cukup minyak yang terdapat di Afghanistan. Atau ada faktor lain yang menyebabkan Amerika akan terus meletakkan tenteranya di situ.

Pada 8 Disember 2006, Al-Jazeera melaporkan 6 kanak-kanak dan 8 wanita telah di bunuh di kampung Ishaqi, 90km di utara Baghdad. Pembunuhan ini dilakukan oleh pasukan tentera udara Amerika yang menjatuhkan bom di dua buah kediaman orang awam.
Wartawan CNN sendiri iaitu Mike Mount, Jomana Karadsheh dan Barbara Starr pada 12 Oktober 2007 melaporkan, tentera Amerika dalam operasi terbarunya telah membunuh 15 kanak-kanak dan wanita sekali gus. Tiada lelaki yang maut dalam operasi itu.
Dan berpuluh-puluh lagi berita pembunuhan orag awam yang majoritinya adalah kanak-kanak dan wanita yang berlaku.
Jadi, apakah kaitannya wanita dan kanak-kanak dalam operasi ini?
Adakah ianya kebetulan?

#Teori 2 : Imam Mahdi adalah orang kaya Muslim

“Pada akhir zaman akan muncul seorang khalifah yang berasal dari umatku, yang akan melimpahkan harta kekayaan selimpah-limpahnya, dan dia sama sekali tidak akan menghitung-hitungnya.”
(Riwayat Imam Ahmad dan Imam Muslim)
Kemungkinan Dajjal mengetahui akan maksud Rasulullah SAW ini, dan dia (Dajjal) tahu khalifah Islam itu adalah seorang kaya yang beriman. Dajjal mungkin tidak tahu siapa, tetapi dalam mengatur strategi adalah lebih baik membuat andaian bahawa:
“Semua orang kaya Muslim hendaklah dikawal atau pastikan tiada orang Muslim menjadi kaya.”
Jika strategi di atas diambil kira, kita boleh mengandaikan Dajjal telah bersedia menghadapi situasi ini untuk membendung kemunculan Imam Mahdi.
Lihat sahaja orang kaya Muslim di dunia, siapa paling kaya? Sudah pasti orang Arab terutamanya keturunan-keturunan kerabat Diraja Saudi, Kuwait dan UAE. Tetapi adakah mereka ini bebas.
Tidak! Mereka tidak bebas, mereka terikat dengan perjanjian-perjanjian konsesi minyak di negara mereka. Kekayaan mereka adalah dari pemberian syarikat-syarikat minyak Yahudi yang melombong di tempat mereka.
Bagi saya, Dajjal tahu perkara ini, tetapi Dajjal mengambil langkah lebih awal lagi agar mana-mana orang kaya Muslim yang menonjol keimanannya dapat diperhatikan, Dajjal bimbang sekiranya orang kaya tersebut adalah individu yang dimaksudkan dalam hadith di atas.



Pada pandangan peribadi, saya amat yakin tujuan sebenar Dajjal menakluk dan menguasai ekonomi negara bukan sahaja di atas faktor politik dan ekonomi, tetapi ianya sebenar dijadikan jalan pintas untuk meninjau dan membendung kelibat atau tanda-tanda kemunculan Imam Mahdi yang dijanjikan Allah SWT.


Wajah-Wajah Yahudi Yang Mengelirukan

Dunia sekarang yang sejak dahulunya dihiasi dengan pelbagai zaman konfrontasi, konflik dan persilisihan menyaksikan terdapat tokoh-tokoh tertentu yang berkuasa di belakangnya.

Tokoh-tokoh ini dikenali masyarakat dunia dan nama-nama mereka termaktub subur dalam buku sejarah dunia. Kesan yang dibawa oleh nama-nama besar ini bukan sahaja dicatat sebagai sejarah semata-mata tetapi mengubah 360 darjah pemikiran masyarakat yang hidup sezaman dengan mereka.

Malah yang paling memeranjatkan, setiap mereka mempunyai fizikal, pengetahuan dan jalan kerja yang 90 peratus hampir sama. Berikut ialah wajah-wajah mereka.

Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556)

Ignatius seorang paderi katholik telah menubuhkan pertubuhan kebajikan katholik yang bernama Jesuit. Jesuit adalah pertubuhan Gereja Katolik Roma. Ia didirikan pada tahun 1534 oleh sekelompok mahasiswa pascasarjana dari Universitas Paris yang merupakan anak murid Ignatius Loyola.

Pada 15 Agustus 1534, Ignatius dan enam murid lainnya. Mereka mendirikan pertubuhan yang bernama Jesuit untuk “melaksanakan pelayanan dan misi di Palestin atau pergi ke mana sahaja tanpa banyak bertanya untuk mengikuti perintah Paus.”

Selain Eropah dan Palestin, Jesuit berkembang dengan pesat di Indonesia. Dan Indonesia sekarang mempunyai penganut kristian berbangsa Melayu yang teramai di rantau Asia.

Dalam sejarah, Ignatius telah membuat perkara-perkara berikut:
• Mengumpul pengikut
• Menubuhkan pertubuhan
• Menggunakan pertubuhan itu mengawal organisasi lain.

Adam Weishaupt (6 Feb 1748 - 18 Nov 1830)

Beliau dilahirkan di Ingolstadt, Perancis dan bekerja sebagai Profesor Undang-Undang di Universiti of Ingolstadt. Weishaupt dikatakan mengamalkan penyembahan kesyaitanan secara sembunyi di universitinya.

Selepas berhenti bekerja dari universiti, beliau menganut (sebelum ini Yahudi) agama Kristian Katholik. Keilmuwannya yang tinggi menyebabkan beliau di lantik sebagai salah seorang paderi di gereja besar Katholik di Perancis.

Jawatannya sebagai paderi digunakan untuk mempengaruhi orang-orang tertentu mengamalkan penyembahan syaitan bersamanya di gereja. Akhirnya, kegiatan sulit Weshaupt diketahui pihak pengurusan gereja. Beliau dipecat selepas itu.

Sejak itu, Weishaupt mula bertungkus lumus menubuhkan gerakan sulit Illuminati. Matlamat Illuminati ialah menubuhkan “One World Government” dengan menggunakan polisi “New World Order”. Pertubuhan ini menguasai 80 peratus pentadbiran poltik dan ekonomi dunia secara rahsia.

David Rockefeller (12 Jun 1915 - sekarang)

Dilahirkan di bandar New York dan merupakan anak bongsu kepada diktator syarikat minyak dunia iaitu John D. Rockefeller. Rockfeller juga mempunyai univerisiti sendiri disamping menguasai 70% telaga-telaga minyak di Arab Saudi, UAE dan Kuwait.

Rockefeller juga adalah pemegang hartanah terbanyak di seluruh dunia. Dikatakan juga di mana pun negara yang pernah mengalami perang akan ada tanah Rockfeller. Majalah Forbes juga mengandaikan 50% kekayaan dunia adalah milik Rockfeller. Manakala 50% lagi adalah kepunyaan Rothschild.

Rockefeller telah menubuhkan suatu pertubuhan berdaftar tetapi mempunyai misi sulit iaitu Trilateral Commission pada 1973. Pertubuhan ini lebih kepada berbentuk forum-forum ekonomi dan pembentangan kertas kerja. Tetapi sebaliknya ia berperanan menguasai ekonomi dunia melalui ahli-ahlinya.

Analisis Kesamaan Tindakan

Hasil penelitian saya mendapati terdapat kesamaan-kesamaan berikut dari segi cara ketiga-tiga orang ini bekerja.

A. Menubuhkan Pertubuhan

* Ignatius Loyola menubuhkan pertubuhan Jesuit untuk paderi-paderi Katholik seluruh Eropah.
* Adam Weishaupt menubuhkan Illluminati untuk orang-orang politik seluruh Eropah.
* David Rockfeller menubuhkan Trilateral Commission untuk tokoh-tokoh ekonomi dan politik seluruh dunia

B. Mengawal Organisasi Lain Melalui Pertubuhan Yang Ditubuh

* IgnatiusLoyola menubuhkan Jesuit pada 1534 untuk mengawal polisi pentadbiran tertinggi masyarakat Kristian iaitu Gereja Vatican. Sehingga sekarang Vatican dikuasai oleh salah seorang ahli Jesuit yang dikenali sebagai Black Pope.
* Adam Weishaupt menubuhkan Illuminati pada 1 Mei 1776 untuk mengawal pertubuhan-pertubuhan politik di seluruh Eropah. Sekarang ini, pemimpin-pemimpin parti politik negara-negara berkuasa veto dipercayai adalah ahli Illuminati.
* David Rockefeller menubuhkan Trilateral Commission pada 1973 untuk mengawal sumber ekonomi dunia. Sehingga sekarang semua sumber ekonomi negara dunia dikuasai ahli-ahli Trilateral Commission.

 (Gambar) Lihatlah wajah Black Pope Peter Hans yang dikatakan orang sebenar dibelakang tabir Vatican, tidakkah wajahnya seiras dengan Ignatius dan Rockefeller?

Kesamaan Wajah dan Fizikal
Lihat sahaja 3 wajah di atas dan pasti kita akan melihat kesamaannya. Ketiga-tiga mereka mempunyai bentuk dahi, hidung, mulut dan alis mata yang hampir sama.
Terdapat 3 teori yang boleh dibuat (teori rambang sahaja) berdasarkan Analisis Kesamaan Tindakan dan Kesamaan Wajah ketiga-tiga orang ini:
#Teori 1 : Mereka adalah orang yang sama iaitu Dajjal
Dajjal telah menggunakan teknik pengubahan wajah plastik seperti yang dalam artikel sebelum ini.
(Teori ini kurang kukuh atau langsung tidak kukuh, tetapi saya nyatakan saja sebagai suatu luahan lisan dan berkongsi pandangan)
Namun begitu, teori ini tidak membelakangi hadith yang menyebut tentang kemunculan Dajjal pada akhir zaman. Tiada hadith yang mengatakan Dajjal akan mengisytiharkan dirinya Dajjal di depan orang awam.
#Teori 2 : Mereka dari keturunan ahli keluarga yang sama
Teori ini mungkin lebih tepat kerana Dajjal sudah pasti mempunyai agen-agen yang dipercayai untuk melaksanakan agenda ketuhanannya. Muhammad Isa Dawud juga meyakini tentang peranan agen-agen ini dalam melakukan misi jahat Dajjal.
#Teori 3 : Mereka adalah ahli keluarga Dajjal
Secara logiknya pemimpin sesebuah negara hanya akan mempercayai ahli-ahli keluarganya untuk mencapai kesinambungan pemerintahan. Begitu juga orang yang mahu menguasai orang lain, ahli-ahli keluarga sendirilah yang paling dipercayai untuk menjalankan tugas itu.
Dalam konteks teori ini, Dajjal hanya mempercayai ahli-ahli keturunannya sahaja untuk melaksanakan misinya. Hanya Dajjal yang tahu siapakah ahli-ahli keturunannya kerana dia sudah pun berumur beribu-ribu tahun.
Dajjal mungkin tidak mempunyai zuriat tetapi sudah pasti ibu bapanya mempunyai ahli-ahli keluarga yang lain yang tidak kita ketahui keturunannya.


10 Alasan Anda Dipilih atau Di reject

Biarpun telah lama berkawan tetapi si dia dia tidak pernah memberi jawapan yang pasti sama ada kamu ini pilihannya ataupun tidak. Sebenarnya, tidak perlu tunggu si dia berterus terang kamu sendiri sudah boleh menganggak keputusannya. Mudah sahaja. Berikut adalah tanda-tanda kamu adalah pilihannya dan bukan pilihannya. Mana satu yang kamu rasakan paling dekat denganmu.

10 Alasan Anda Dipilih

1. SI dia mengakui kebohongan yang telah dikatakannya pada masa lalu

2. Si dia memperkenalkan kamu kepada orang-orang yang dekat dengannya

3. Si dia mempelawa untuk menghantar kamu pulang ke rumah

4. Si dia mengakhiri percakapan di telefon dengan ucapan "aku cinta padamu" meskipun ketika dia sedang berada di pejabat.

5. Si dia mengatakannya "saya yakin awak akan menjadi ibu yang baik untuk anak-anak"

6. Si dia selalu ada ketika kamu memerlukanya

7. Si dia membela kamu ketika keluargannya memberi komen tentang kamu.

8. Si dia berhenti melakukan olahraga yang berbahaya kerena menyedari risiko yang akan ditanggung. namun bukan kerena takut pada risiko. tetapi kerena tidak mahu kamu bersedih

9. Si dia selalu mengak kamu pada setiap acara keluarga

10. Sia dia mengajak kamu membuka akaun bersama

10 Alasan Anda DIreject

1. Kamu terlalu banyak bicara

2. Pakaian kamu terlalu menjolok mata hingga mengundang perhatian orang lain.

3. Kamu tidak tertawa saat dia buat lawak

4. kamu terlalu jujur tentang apa yang kamu inginkan dari hubungan tersebut.

5. Kamu berulang kali membicarakan tentang bekas lelakimu

6. Percakapan yang kamu jalinkan tidak bersangkutan dengan percakapannya

7. Kamu marah-marah kepada pelayan restoran hanya kerana dia terlambat membawa pesananmu

8. Kamu terlalu banyak mengeluh

9. Kamu kerap melihatnya dengan padangans eribu tanda tanya

10. Kamu memintanya membawamu ke restoran dan tempat-tempat mahal.

Cara menghafal AL-Quran

Beberapa petua menghafal ayat-ayat al-Quran Sesungguhnya Allah SWT telah berfirman di dalam kitabsuci al-Quran di dalam surah al-Fatir (35:29) yang membawa maksud ,"Those who recite the Book of Allah,establish regular prayer, and spend (in charity) out of what We have provided for them, secretly andopenly, hope for commerce that will never fail".

Abdullah Ibn Amr Ibn Al-As RA telah meriwayatkan:Rasullullah SAW telah bersabda, "The onewho was devoted to the will be told on the Day of Resurrection: `Recite and ascend (in ranks) as youused to recite when you were in the world. Your rank will be at the last Ayah you recite." [Abu Dawud andAt-Tirmidhi]. Qur'an

Hadis ini telah menyebut tentang ganjaran yang diperolehi oleh orang- orang yang menghafal sebahagianataupun seluruh daripada al- Quran.Sebahagian para ulama dalam mentafsirkan hadis ini telah menyebutbahawa jumlah tingkatan di syurga adalah bersamaan dengan jumlah ayat di dalam al-Quran dan seorangmuslim akan menaiki satu tingkatan syurga bagi setiap satu ayat yang beliau telah menghafalnya.

Di dalam hadis yang lain, Othman bin Affan RA telah meriwayatkan bahawa rasullullah SAW bersabda, "Thebest amongst you is the one who learns the and teaches it." [Al-Bukhari]. Qur'an

Berikut disenaraikan beberapa petua untuk menghafal ayat-ayat al- Quran.

a) Pertama,mulakan dengan bertaubat dengan sebenar-benar taubat kerana sesungguhnya dosa-dosatidak akan memberi ruang untuk ayat-ayat bertapak di hati manusia.Imam Al-Shafie di dalam satupetikan sajaknya yang terkenal mengadu kepada gurunya akan dirinya yang agak sukar untuk menghafal denganbaik.Gurunya lalu menasihatinya agar meninggalkan dan bertaubat akan segala dosa- dosanya. Quran

b) Mempunyai niat yang benar dan percaya akan balasan baik yang akan diperoleh seperti yang dinyatakan didalam hadis di atas.Mintalah bantuan Allah dengan seikhlas hati untuk sentiasa memudahkan kita menghafalayat-ayat suciNya.

c) Peruntukkan sebahagian waktu setiap hari (atau selang beberapa hari) untuk menghafal ayat-ayatQuran.Masa yang paling baik adalah pada waktu yang kita tidak sibuk dengan hal-hal lain.

d) Gunakan naskah yang sama setiap kali kita menghafal.Ini membantu minda kita menangkap dan mengingat apa yang terdapat pada helaian muka surat yang kita ingin hafal.(mind snapshot) Quran

e) Mulakan dengan surah-surah yang paling mudah bagi kita.Ramai yang menyarankan agar hafalan bermula dengan lima juzu' terakhir( bermula dengan juzu' 30,juzu' 29 dan seterusnya)

f) Hafalan juga boleh dimulakan dengan surah-surah yang paling kita gemar membacanya atau yang selalu kita dengar ataupun yang kita sudah biasa dan sudah pula ingat sebahagiannya.

g) Sebenarnya, lebih muda umur kita, lebih mudah untuk kita menghafalnya.Semakin kita berumur, kita akanlebih sibuk dengan pelbagai urusan dan kemampuan untuk mengingat juga semakin berkurangan. Walaubagaimanapun,walau berapa pun umur kita, kita masih belum terlambat sebenarnya,insya Allah. Walaupun kita tidak pernah menghafal ayat-ayat pada usia kecil atau pada masa usia remaja, namun kita masih lagi berpeluang menghafalnya jika kita mahu.

h) Setelah menghafal beberapa ayat, cubalah membacanya di dalam solat-solat sunat yang biasa kitalakukan.Selain itu,mintalah bantuan rakan-rakan ataupun pasangan kita untuk mendengar bacaan hafalan ayat-ayat itu .

i) Menghafal secara berkumpulan juga merupakan satu cara yang baik apatah lagi dengan sentiasa bersama-sama memberi galakan di antara satu sama lain.Sebagai ibu bapa pula,apa salahnya mewujudkan pertandingan di antara anak-anak dan memberi hadiah pada siapa yang berjaya menghafal dengan baik.

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