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23 July 2009

Stop smoking or no smoking... all who reading my blog now..welcome to my space blog,i'm a newbie for this blog..what i'm try to share to you all is,for the past almost 2month,i'm just quit smoking,and it's was most painfully decision that i make because i'm a heavy smoker,from smoking gudang garam hitam,14's pack of box,and then changing to dunhill 14,it's all started back in the year 1998,that was the seriusly when i involve in smoking heavily ever almost 10 years until now,that i really quitting it.but the side effect is i get a fever for about an a week..hehe..maybe you all wondering,why i'm quitting smoking in the first place?

well,it's because i cannot save my money at all.i'm spending about rm200 for smoking only,that is price for buying the 14's box of pall mall,if you all smoking,and buying 20's it cost more than that.everyday in my day right now i'm really fighting with my desire to smoking,and what i do is to fight back the desire,the need for smoking,it was my will to fight through the success of saying no to cigarette.

this is not a fiction or story just made up only,this is my true story about me when i really quitting smoking in the first place.if u all free please leave some comment for me..i'll come back with my continue story for you all..

thank you..sincere..Aidiel

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